Wreck It Ralph 2 – Ralph Breaks The Internet Review


Ralph and Vanellope return and this time not just breaking their own games! 6 years since we last saw the best buds and Ralph is finally happy with his life as he is now no longer treated as the Big Bad Villian. Vanellope, on the other hand, is happy but craves a little more change as she’s getting a little tired of the same old tracks. Not wanting Vanellope upset Ralph makes a little change in the Candy Kingdom adding a detour which causes the player to get frustrated, oversteers and ends up snapping the steering wheel on the arcade machine. This leads our duo on the trip to the internet to find a new wheel and save the game!

The Duo Arrive in the Internet

This movie is a lot of fun and has so many more references and this time is not confined to just gaming! Being Disney they own so many properties now they can cram in as much as they want! Pretty much every Disney animated movie is featured in the Oh My Disney section. Star Wars and Marvel are only referenced a little thou which I think is a good thing as it would probably distract a bit from everything else.

The biggest referencing scene is the Princesses it was lovely seeing all the old animated next to the recent 3D rendered ones. It really made me want to go back and watch all the films again. It was a shame that the “Non-Canon” Princesses weren’t featured such as Leia and Megara from Hercules but as I said they don’t really want too much clogging up the screen time and may confuse some people, even although they did feature Anna & Elsa from Frozen but according to sources they are due to be canon soon!

Vanellope hanging with the Disney Princesses

Not only does this have the Disney references but it tries to fit in as many references as it can relating to the internet including all the popular social media sites theres no point me listing them as if you can think of it it’s probably in the social media section of the film somewhere.

The Social Media District

The story in this movie feels like a coming of age film where the duo learn that they don’t need each other all the time and they be apart from each other and still be as close as before. By the end of the film, you will probably feel rather emotional as the relationship throughout the film is put through the wringer. It features all the racing action and drama from the first film and a lot more to boot!


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