Shang-Chi & The Ten Rings Review


The marvel films are now are now finally starting to see the light of day after many delays due to our lovely friend Covid. The second of the year we visit something completely new and a type of marvel film we haven’t seen before. Sure there’s a couple of familiar faces but still feels fresh and a nice new direction for the franchise.

With all new characters to introduce comes a lot of flashbacks and character building unlike most of the films before. I think its the most flashbacks we’ve had in a film so far as there was a lot to tell and sometimes in slightly different ways.
The characters we are introduced to early are our main cast “Shaun” & Katy, they are down to earth and easy to relate to. Stuck in a “dead-end” job but care-free and living life to the max. This doesn’t last long as “Shaun’s” past quickly catches up to him.
From then on we are sent on a martial arts journey, something which had been absent in most Marvel films. The scenes and the choreography were absolutely gorgeous and you would almost think you were at the wrong film for a while! Yes there’s the usual “tech & gadgets” you’ve come to expect from the films but these again feel so much different. The actors felt well cast and the chemistry worked really well.

The universe they have built here is ripe to be expanded and explored and the implications of the film will help propel the Marvel Universe even further forward much like most of Phase 4 has done so far. No spoilers but those end-credit scenes are worth sticking around for. They are the best I’ve seen and seem to be the greatest use of the space and not just something put there as an after thought or “gag”

Overall this film is a real breath of fresh air, it might seem unusual or foreign to a lot of people. It might put them off, but I’d definitely give it a go. Hopefully we get a sequel and more than likely we’ll get to see the cast pop up Marvel’s other projects. It’d be a waste not to use their new direction.

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