Captain Marvel Preview


We are days away from the first Marvel film of the year and the penultimate film in Phase 3 with Avengers: End Game releasing mear 48 days after! With most Marvel releases over the past few years, the UK has had it lucky and got their Marvel fix a few weeks earlier than their US counterparts (except for that catastrophic move to delay Ant-Man & The Wasp due to the World Cup) but now we are down to same day releases or 1 day before in Spider-man and Endgames case.

I was enjoying our early release schedules and felt a little bit special seeing it before those spoiler-fueled yanks. Then we had a taste of our own medicine as I mentioned above getting AM&TW late it was like torture trying to resist watching a pirate copy so you wouldn’t get anything spoiled or just avoiding anywhere on the web that might slip you a nugget of intel. As this was after the snap in Infinity War and Ant-Man was nowhere to be seen so you just knew something would happen.

Anyway, where was I? I got off track the point I was making is the US is now on a level playing field with us and we are back in spoiler territory. We all want to know what the deal with Fury’s pager and where Cap Marvel has been all these years (as Fury has obviously know her since the 90s) We should get all these answers and more and not have many opportunities for it to be spoiled this time around.

For some reason, there are a lot of haters that don’t want this film to do well and I have no idea why! Why bash something you haven’t even seen! Early reviews are giving glowing praise and I for one cannot wait. This is a film for Die-Hard fans and newbies alike, it’s a twist on the normal origin story as the hero starts off all powerful and has no idea why and we go on the journey of discovery together!

If you’ve never seen a Marvel film before it’s a great one to jump into as it’s set in the past before most of the events in the MCU and for the fans it has nods to future events and helps fill in some blanks and maybe even change the way we viewed some things in the other films! We also need answer who some of the stars are actually playing as they haven’t been properly named in most promotional material.

Tell us what you are most looking forward to in the comments and look for our review when the film drops on March 8th!

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