Captain Marvel Official Trailer #2


Here again with Trailer 2 for Marvels Captain Marvel! There’s not much new in this trailer and it mostly builds on what we’ve seen in the first trailer, but we do see some more variations of Captain Marvel in various suits. It also confirms our suspicions that the old lady on the bus was actually a Skrull and not some misbehaving granny that hasn’t paid her fair!

We also get a more info on how she became a Kree but how it all came about and what happened to her memory we will have to wait and see! There’s a demonstration of her awesome powers as she kicks ass in space! And we get a peek at the companion cat Goose (In the comics named Chewie) which isn’t any normal cat but one from an alternative earth but again we’ll have to wait until the films to see if this is true for the film too!

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