Avengers: End Game Official Trailer


After months of waiting and speculation we finally have the official title for the next Avengers film which will be “End Game” This was leaked shortly after Infinity Wars premiered and was spoken by Dr Strange in that very film.

The reveal of the next Avengers film title

So on with the trailer! It opens on an abandoned Tony Stark floating in space recording a message for Pepper Pots as he is running out of everything including oxygen. He looks to be in the patched up GOTG spaceship (The Benatar) which we assume Nebula is on as well but is not confirmed in the trailer. There is some hope for Stark as there is an Asgardian ship flying around in space that hasn’t previously been accounted for so fingers crossed they run into Stark! 

Tony recording a message for Pepper as he runs out of oxygen.

After a very mean Marvel Logo dissolving into dust, we see what Thanos is up to on during his retirement. He has hung up his armour and seemingly planted crops! It’s not much to go on but we don’t really care what he’s up at this moment in time. Thanos has done what he thinks needs to be done.

Thanos has hung up his gear!

What we really want to know is what is going on with our survivors. Everyone else seems to have regrouped at the New Avengers HQ. Opening on a teary Cap, Black Widow reminds us that Thanos did exactly what he promised, wiping out half of all living creatures. Banner is shown looking at a screen confirming the deaths of Parker, Shuri and Lang. We know Lang isn’t gone but it was assumed as there was no sign of him after the click as he was in the Quantum Zone.

Banner looking at the list of missing

Next a dishevelled Thor in his civilian clothes, then we have Nebular on the Benatar (So we can assume she was on-board with Tony at some point). But the moment everyone has been waiting for where is Clint Barton aka Hawkeye? This is answered in style as we are shown a hooded figure in Japan being overwatched by Black Widow. Also wearing a mask he reveals himself to be Clint now going by the alias Ronin! Barton is wearing a brand new costume and brandishing a blade as opposed to the usual bow and arrow setup we are used to. Is this could be the katana that is used in the comics although it looks a bit short. It may be like his bow and extends or attaches to another part.

The masked figure revealed to be Barton dressed as Ronin

We close out the main part of the trailer with Rodgers talking to BW. It seems they have a plan, which they hope will work otherwise they have nothing left! Then we cut to the big reveal of Avengers: End Game.

BW & Rodgers discuss how their plan needs to work

Then just when we think it’s all over our comical friend Lang pops by to brighten the mood to the surprise of everyone in the HQ assuming he was taken by Thanos’ snap. Oh and he just happens to bring the Quantum tunnel with him which could be a real asset!

Lang turns up unexpectedly at the Avengers HQ

So there we have it! We don’t actually get much from this trailer as we knew we wouldn’t as it would probably reveal too much of their plans going forward! We hope they don’t spoil too much in the next trailer. Recently most trailers spoil some big reveal and there’s not much to look forward to when it comes out.

[spoiler title="Show spoiler"]So from what we've seen from set visits we are going to see some time travel
and we will be revisiting the battle of New York which was the start of Thanos' 
capture of the Gems. We have seen Lang on the set of the New York Battle along 
with Stark wearing some kind of Shield wrist devices.
So from this, we assume Lang uses the Quantum Tunnel to travel back and stop Thanos 
before all this starts and maybe even grab the stones for themselves![/spoiler]

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