Goosebumps: Dead of Night Review


We’ve been awaiting a new full-fledged Goosebumps games since escape from horrorland back in 1996. We have had a few in-between but nothing as amazing as that. The series itself has had a resurgence in recent years due to the new Jack Black films which is where this game takes its premise!

The plot is pretty similar to the films, R.L. Stine is stuck in a typewriter and Slappy the doll has broken loose and causing all kinds of chaos! The first level tasks you with collecting pages from Slappy’s book to capture him. This may sound simple but you will be faced with different antagonists from different GB books. You will have to run and hide or face death.

Different types of enemies require different tactics to where you hide and you may even find some of the pages whist hiding so don’t forget to look around. The rest of the levels don’t follow this format and keep changing it up! The second level requires you to find ingredients and the third needs puzzle solving!

The game isn’t too long and doesn’t provide much replay abilities, the achievements can all be acquired all in one go and within 2 hours. All you need to do is complete the levels and allow yourself to be killed by each monster. The only slightly missable one comes toward the end where you have to choose between 2 formulas of you’re paying attention use the bad one first.

As for actual graphics and gameplay, the graphics are really nice as it was built on the unreal engine. This is also a port of a mobile game so the jump between the two in graphics is quite nice. I didn’t notice any graphical glitches or anomalies and seemed rather smooth.

Overall the game was a fun play. Although it was rather short and limited for the price, it would definitely be worth a rental or buying then trading in after done! Unfortunately it looks like this is digital release only so it’s a buy and keep or jumping on a friends version.

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