Captain Marvel Offical Trailer!


Finally, we get to see the lady Fury paged before his dust was blown into the wind! The trailer is below and we’ll have our thoughts underneath! Obviously some spoilers ahead for Cap Marvel and Avengers: Infinity War.

So straight away we know it’s not set in the present (which you should all already know) as we crash into a blockbuster video which was in it’s prime in the 90s. When exactly we are not sure of there are no current rentals show in blockbuster which could of helped us narrow down a year! 

Blockbuster in its hey day!

Same with the pager that appears a little later it looks like a custom version of the Motorola Advisor Gold which was released in 1996 if this is the case we could be set in the late 90s! If you notice anything else to help us pinpoint a year let us know in the comments!

Furys pager
A similar looking pager which was released in 1996

Onto the rest of the trailer! After her crash landing on earth she wanders round bewildered as if its a new planet but how could that be as we are lead to believe she originated from earth! That question is answered later as we find out she has most likely been experimented on or something happened to her whilst in space. She keeps have visions/flashbacks of her time on earth as if they weren’t hers. I’m sure all will be revealed once the film drops or maybe they will tell us some more in another trailer! Whilst stumbling around earth she either gets up to some shenanigans and is then confronted by the much younger looking Fury (Marvel certainly seem to have perfected the de-aging technology!) Or Fury finds her bumbling about and takes her in, it’s always hard to tell the order of events in trailers as they can construct them to reorder the events to make the trailers run better!

A younger looking Agent Fury

Either way, we end up at a Shield facility in its infancy, we are shown what looks like some kind of alien on the table most likely a Skrull from what we have seen in promo photos they look similar! We are not shown any Skrull specifically in this trailer (not that we can see anyway) but they could be disguised as anyone which brings us to that sucker punch to the old lady on the tube! She is either a Skrull or wouldn’t give up her seat for Cap Marvel!

Captain Marvel Sucker Punching an old lady (Hopefully a Skrull)

We also get a glimpse of a couple of Kree the first being the original Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell – Played by Jude Law) and the return (pre-return?) of Ronan the Accuser who we last saw being blown to bits in GOTG V1! Hopefully, we get to see the big Skrull vs Kree war!

Jude Law as Mar-Vell
Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser

Last but not least it wouldn’t Shield without our main man Coulson! Currently a rookie with Shield he has also been digitally De-Aged to look like his former 90s self! It will be nice to see Coulson a little bit out of his comfort zone as he finds his feet in Shield! As he said to Tony Stark in Iron Man “ Mr Stark, this isn’t my first rodeo” This Could be the rodeo he was referring to as I doubt there would be many major incidents between then and Furys big week in phase 1! Unless of cause they retcon in anything else either new or even bringing over the Fox Marvel properties like X-Men! I honestly think the X-Men shouldn’t be brought over as is as the timeline is a complete mess as it is at the moment so a fresh start is definitely in order!

We cannot wait for this film to drop and maybe give us some more info as to how Captain Marvel fits into Avengers 4 and where she’s been all this! Don’t forget to drop your comments and theories in the comments below and we’ll see you again for the next trailer!!

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