Bring Me The Horizon – Mantra


After some cryptic teasing over the past week, Bring Me the Horizon unveiled the new single “Mantra” on BBC Radio 1 today.

Prior to the track’s premiere, Bring Me the Horizon launched a mysterious campaign, including a billboard reading, “Do You Want to Start a Cult With Me?” That line turned out to be one of the lyrics in “Mantra”.

As for releasing “Mantra” as their first taste of new music, singer Oli Sykes told BBC Radio 1, “It felt like the first thing we wanted to show people upon our return.”

So, does the new song mean that fans can expect a new album from BMTH soon? “I don’t want to say,” said Sykes. “We’re definitely working on stuff. We got something exciting to announce in the next few days.”

Bring Me the Horizon’s most recent album was 2015’s That’s the Spirit, which saw the UK metalcore band go in a more pop direction. Prior to that, the band released the critically acclaimed Sempiternal in 2013. “Mantra” definitely leans more toward That’s the Spirit than Sempiternal.

Sykes did say the music they’re working on is “completely different” from That’s the Spirit, but that there are some similarities. He added, “We want to be a heavy band but not in the way you think of heavy.”

As part of the aforementioned promotional campaign, the band also launched a website called, which initially read, “There are those who will say that only after a lifetime of sacrifice and good doing can the soul be free – that God demands conditions in the freedom and that some have the power of making mankind slaves.”

It also looks like Bring Me The Horizon will be playing a secret show at Reading & Leeds this weekend after a picture of a board at Reading was posted online!

If this is true they will perform Saturday at Leeds On the Radio 1 stage at 2.30pm and Reading Friday same time and stage!

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