Avengers: Endgame Review


Well it’s finally here the penultimate film in the Infinity Saga and Phase 3 and boy does it leave its mark. We will try not to spoil anything in this review (we’ll do that in our breakdown video) but obviously certain things can’t be talked about without some context, so on with the review!

It’s weird that this wouldn’t be the endpoint of the entire saga but it has been common practice not to end on an Avengers film since Phase Two and the introduction of Ant-Man. It’s to finish on a non-serious note and have a little bit of comic relief or light-hearted adventure, and we definitely need it after Endgame!

Straight out of the gate we are hit with unexpected feels, and that doesn’t stop anytime soon. All throughout the film we are taken on a roller coaster of emotion. One minute crying your eyes out the next laughing or cheering with joy.

There isn’t a dull moment as the flow of the film is constructed to keep you engaged and for you not to get distracted. A lot of films sometimes feel far too long and drag towards the end and sometimes you wish they’d just wrap up the story already. You won’t find that here as this film although is 3 hrs long it does not feel like that at all and you’d be wishing you had just a few more minutes of footage as this may be the last time you see some characters.

Those of you hoping for the famous post credit sequence will be sadly out of luck as for the first time in the entire MCU there isn’t one not even a mid credit sequence. There is an audio tease to be heard at the end but it’s hardly worth waiting 10 minutes but at least you have time to nip for that long deserved loo break and get back in time. What we do get thou is about 10 minutes of what seem like little post-credits sequences and the main “Wrap-up” of the plot and I think this is a nice way to tie-up most of the loose ends.

There are a few niggly bits that i’m still mulling over after watching which I can’t get into any details about but if you’re interested check out our film breakdown video full of those juicy details and spoilers.

Endgame is the biggest feat ever accomplished in the history of cinema, never before have so many interconnected characters stories and films been brought together in one place. Even if you’ve only watched one MCU film there’s something for you here. The emotional invested you have in any of the movies is paid of tenfold and goes beyond any expectations. If you thought the Infinity War battle was epic just you wait!

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